Pavilion of Infinite Order

Paris, France
*Archasm Paris Pavilion Art of Peace Top 50

Manifesting a moment of sublime, unifying, infinite dimensionality through the direct, temporal, massive architectural confrontation of widespread 1-dimensional socio-political symbolism as a response to simplistic and irrational contemporary reactions to adversity — a moment of utopia at the precipice of familiar dystopia.

The pavilion addresses the necessity for a broad discourse amongst an infinite range of humanity with programmatic opportunities to encounter unfamiliar, uncomfortable, beautifully moving experiences in a multitude of arts, reflection spaces, and social collisions. The architecture provides a limitless range of experiences in new, idiosyncratic, unusual, and overwhelming spaces.

Reception & Ticketing

Working Studio & Gallery

Office Terrace

Souvenir Market



Observation Deck

Reflection Chamber

Music Hall

Dance Theater

Central Stair

Classroom         805.801.7576         Los Osos, CA USA