Marshall Ford is an architectural designer and writer based in California. He is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design where he received his M.Arch II with distinction and completed his thesis on ego in architecture culminating in the publication of “A Fragile Architecture.” He is co-founder and principal of Small Office, with Mircea Eni, an architectural design studio based in Tokyo and California, with well-designed architecture projects at a variety of scales and typologies. His focus lies at the intersection of the personal and the architectural, where he believes permanence and beauty lie in design. He is passionate about the power of satire, honesty, humor, and the sublime in architecture.

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Wet Electric: Wet Electricity Vol 1 Video Installation.  Brooklyn NY, 2018
architecture, architectural & Architecture at A+D Museum.  Los Angeles CA, 2017
One Night Stand LA.  Los Angeles CA, 2017
Platform 8 Exhibition.  Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA, 2015
re:publica 15 Exhibition Selection Berlin, Germany, 2015
Grounded Visionaries Exhibition. Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA, 2014. 
openLAB Exhibition.  Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA, 2014.   
“Relier” Exhibition. Los Angeles CA, 2013.   
Interim Design Showcase of Best Student Work (10x). Pomona, CA. Spring ’08, Winter ’09, Spring ’09, Fall ’09, Winter ’10, Spring ’10, Fall ’10, Winter ’11, Spring ’11, Fall ’11
IIDA Student Exhibition Los Angeles CA, 2011. 
BESS Symposium Selection Los Angeles CA, 2011. 
Haiti Rebuilding Conference Showcase Selection Port au Prince, Haiti, 2011. 
NTUT International Wall Competition Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan, 2010.
Metropolitan Water District Spring Green Expo Selection Los Angeles CA, 2010. 
BESS Symposium.  Los Angeles CA, 2010. 


“Blue Foam.” Log, #50: Model Behavior, Fall 2020
“CLOG x Cannabis: The Future of Head Shops in the US” archdaily, May 2nd, 2020
“Can America’s colorful head shops survive the corporatization of cannabis?” The Architect’s Newspaper, 2020
“Shredding Stereotypes.” CLOG, Fall 2019 Edition
“Old and new architecture can coexist. San Luis Obispo should try it.” The Tribune, June 8th, 2018
architectural Architecture, Self Published Book for Architecture + Design Museum (LA), 2017
“Ego: The Architecture of Freedom.” Platform 8, Actar and Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2015
A Fragile Architecture, Self Published Thesis Publication, 2015
Multiple Project Contributions, Backpocket Projects, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2014
“Valentine to Ginuwine.” Open Letters #08, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2014
“Herman Hertzberger.” Pin-Up Magazine, 2013/2014, 2013
“Fossilized Supra-capitalism.” &, 2012
“Uplift.” A World of Cities, Jack Fong editor, 2011-2012
Human Topographies, Self Published Senior Project Publication 2011
“Healing Bounds.” NTUT Wall Competition Publication, 2010
“Terminus.” Disney’s Bobby Brooks Memorial Studio Publication, 2009


Young Architects Competitions - Lamborghini Road Monument, Finalist 2016
archasm Paris Peace Pavilion, top 50 Selection 2016
Appleton Travelling Fellowship Finalist Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2015
RLI Future Project Award with 5+ Design, 2013
Post+Capitalist City #2 Work, 2nd Prize 2012
Dean’s Outstanding Student Award
most outstanding design student in school of architecture, Cal Poly Pomona, 2013
Certificate of Concours d’Elegance
best architecture senior project, Cal Poly Pomona, 2013
IIDA Student Exhibition, Impromptu Honorable Mention 2011
2010 AIAC University College Award Scholarship, 1st Prize 2010
SocioDesignFoundation Vignette Competition Honorable Mention 2010
Outstanding 4th Year Design Student 2010
NTUT International Wall Competition, Gold Prize 2010
Koeper Writing Prize 2010
Dean’s Writing Award 2010
National Association of Women in Construction Ch110 Scholarship (3x) 2008, 2009, and 2010
Team Leadership Award, Disney Bobby Brooks Memorial Studio 2010
Best Team Dynamic Award, Disney Bobby Brooks Memorial Studio 2010
Outstanding 3rd Year Architecture Student Award 2009
LG Beyond Design Competition, Top 10 Entrant 2009
Outstanding 2nd Year Architecture Student Award 2008
LA USGBC Natural Talent Competition Honorable Mention 2008

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