Fossilized Supracapitalism

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
*Post+Capitalist City Inernational Competition 2nd Prize
*Relier exhibiton selection

We replaced hope of success with the unmitigated fate of overtime death. Somewhere the optimism of working and creating a life justified by some sort of career meaning was lost and we are left with an undiagnosed addiction to hours. We created “supra-capitalism”: a society supported, guided, and defined by uncontrolled work habits, misguided productivity-to-time-spent ratios, and relief in mandatory death. In order for the workplace to evolve (or devolve) we must allow supra-capitalism to fossilize itself.

This is an office tower cemetery.

This project establishes an expandable system with incredibly efficient office space that slowly deteriorates as it’s employees do. It’s thousands of cubicles literally become caskets which stack, providing structure for future expansion of the system itself and a fossilized monument to the victims of supra-capitalism.


         805.801.7576         Los Osos, CA USA