The Future of Work: A Return to Building

The Hague, Netherlands
at Harvard Graduate School of Design

This is a project about things: the things we collect to preserve and build some self worth or permanence. Our hoards of things in an age when we are supplanted online and through digital means are the final product of our actual existence as people. This is the archive of our most needed things.

The Dutch have beautiful things, and they have centuries of practice preserving those things including the physical land in their country which scientifically should be under water. They are also global leaders in transporting their things and their landscapes to different places that are interested in those things. Now, with the opportunity to become the node of all data across Europe, and at the moment that the Netherlands is most equipped to handle full scale replication and preservation projects the Dutch are at the forefront of immediately preserving their most important things at 1:1, and showcasing those things in order to allow people to view themselves as a whole and not as individual pieces in a hoard.

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