Ego: The Architecture of Freedom

Cayucos, CA, USA
at Harvard Graduate School of Design
*Featured in Platform 8 Publication
*Featured in Platform 8 Exhibition

Ego, is freedom. The deeper the architect, I, get into the work being the direct result of pushing my own ideas, pushing my ego deeper and deeper into comfortably uncomfortable territory, the broader the engagement with architecture becomes. The idiosyncratic nature of a selflessly egotistical and personal architecture is both liberating and engaging, shattering the shell of a calcified arrogance, defined by the feeling of an undue degree of self worth, too often synonymous with the architectural discipline as a whole. The greatest architecture in the world challenges everyone, running up against a place in a tectonic shift of momentous vernacular reconfiguration. Architecture has the power to change a place, people, and the architect themselves, and an inherent architectural ego is the freedom that allows that power.

A town for myself.



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