Architectural Architecture

Los Angeles, CA, USA
*Installation at A+D Architecture and Design Museum

This is about the chasm between architecture and Architecture.
architecture defined as architecture the way the public sees it
Architecture defined in the way the discipline sees it.

It is a statement on the ironic abandonment of the discipline’s inherent power (obligation?) by creating and maintaining this chasm through the ignorance of what the architectural truly is - the subtle power to create a bridge between architecture and Architecture through the impossible, experiential moment at the intersection of contradictory things. Moments of conflict, solution, discussion, experimentation, vulgarity, refinement, occupation, abandonment, inhabitance, and the sublime.

Moments where architecture is Architecture are all but lost right now. Perhaps due to unmanaged ego or lack of focus and intent. No longer a pragmatic discipline for people it is an insular, chaotic, practice for the “creators.”

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